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Laguna Fin Swim Comfort Comfortable Feet

Fitness fin

Our Fitness Fin is extremely lightweight and perfect for any beach or pool. The Fitness Fin's neoprene foot pocket is designed to cushion your foot, and is double stitched for maximum durability. The heel strap is adjustable to perfectly fit the length of your foot, while the hidden arch strap is adjustable to the width of your foot. The blade is designed to give you an extra push through the water without causing drag. Plus, these fins float so you'll never lose a fin again. Great for beginner to advanced swimmers. Swim all 4 competitive strokes, including breaststroke

Uses: Competitive training, recreational swimming, triathlon training, water polo training, open water swimming, bodysurfing, snorkeling, & learning to swim. 



"Laguna Fins are the only fins that excel in both the pool and open water"

Competitive Fin

The Competitive Fin is the newest version of Laguna Fin Co Fins. It comes with all the benefits of the Fitness Fin, but with a reinforced toe pocket made from water resistant military grade fabric (1000 Denier Cordura with urethane backing). This means less friction, an instant dry, and extremely durable. The blade is made from a polymer & rubber blend, giving a stronger propulsion and a quicker response to your kick. Use the Competitive Fin for training for all 4 competitive strokes, including breaststroke


never lose a fin again

our fins float

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