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"I get such a rush from hearing what a difference Laguna Fins are making for swimmers. Improved technique, best times, elevated swim workouts, great customer service, swimmers are excited to put them on - it’s so cool! I am proud to be a part of this game changer in the swimming world!"

Kaitlin Sandeno

2000 and 2004 Olympian

Gold, Silver and 2x Bronze medalist

Kaitlin Sandeno Wikipedia

"Laguna Fins are an outstanding and unique training device. They have a very comfortable foot pocket that allows fast kicking movement. Kicking breaststroke with these fins is unbelievable! They can teach any swimmer with the physiological aptitude to turn their feet out properly. This quality is worth the investment by itself but it is a great tool for developing every stroke.

Mark Schubert 

8x USA Olympic Team Coach 

Mark Schubert Wikipedia

"I really enjoyed getting the chance to wear the Laguna fins. The comfort of the neoprene back strap as well as foot pocket allowed for longer training with fins. In my post competitive swimming days, I only like to swim with fins since its the only way I feel like I am going somewhere and with this comfort I never feel like I have to take them off!"

Chase Bloch 

USC Assistant Swim Coach 

2013 All-American (USC)

Chase Bloch USC Staff Bio

"Laguna Fin provides a fin that no other company can touch. I can have my athletes where these for longer pool sessions, as well as ocean sessions just the same. The lightweight design is not only the most comfortable fin on the market, Laguna Fins are the only fin that excels in both pool and open water, both freestyle and stroke. Load your team up with these fins!"

Bryan Mineo 

Swim Trainer & Coach


"Laguna Fin has changed my relationship with the water. I feel strong, fast, efficient, and, comfortable. The padded straps and foot pocket are incredibly well-designed and I wish I had these when I was competing! I love that you can kick all four strokes with these. I am proud to be a part of this growing community!!!"

Caroline Burckle 

2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist 

Caroline Burckle Wikipedia

“Laguna Fins is an amazing product I wish I had while I was training. They allow you to really feel the push and pull of the water, especially in breaststroke. Laguna Fins are a game changer for all swimmers but especially those that need to feel the water on the bottoms of their feet! I love Laguna Fins and would recommend them to every swimmer no matter what level and age they are!”

Cammile Adams 

2012 & 2016 Olympian 

Cammile Adams Wikipedia

"Laguna Fins are changing the world of swimming! They are hands down the most comfortable fin I have ever worn. I love how the fin makes you move faster in the water while working your leg muscles and increasing your ankle flexibility. As a breaststroker, I wish I had access to these fins while I was still competing- finally a fin you can use to train all of the four strokes! Every swimmer needs a pair of Laguna Fins in their equipment bag!"

Kristy Kowal 

2000 Olympic Silver Medalist (Breaststroke)

Kristy Kowal Wikipedia

"I always wished for a pair of fins that could allow me to do the breaststroke kick and fit my big feet. Laguna Fin does both, while improving all of my kick strokes. I was never a fan of fins but I always want to use my Laguna Fins!"

Jeff Commings

Masters World Record Holder 

Jeff Commings Autobiography


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The Laguna Fin Co team is proud to announce our brand new Youth Fin! Designed to teach youth swimmers how to kick in the water. Our adjustable heel strap allows children from the ages of 3 to 12 to fit comfortably into the Youth Fin. Even as their feet grow they will be able to keep using the same fins!