7 Reasons Laguna Fin Co Will Improve Your Training

7 Reasons Laguna Fin Co Will Improve Your Training

7 Reasons Laguna Fin Co Will Improve Your Training

  1. Versatility – Swim all 4 competitive strokes! IMers and breaststrokers we got you covered.
Laguna Fins is an amazing product I wish I had while I was training. They allow you to really feel the push and pull of the water, especially in breaststroke. Laguna Fins are a game changer for all swimmers but especially those that need to feel the water on the bottoms of their feet!”
- Cammile Adams (2012 & 2016 Olympian)
  1. Comfort – The Laguna Fin Co neoprene foot pocket allows for 100% kicking power. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, keep them happy so you can kick with all your power. Laguna Fin Co is guaranteed the most comfortable fin on the planet or your money back.
  1. Strengthen leg & foot muscles – The Laguna Fin Co. blade is designed to make your legs work harder and build muscle strength in your legs & feet. Over-time this will create muscle memory, so when your fins come off your kick is stronger than ever.
  1. Improve ankle flexibility – Our open heeled fin allows for maximum flexibility of your ankle, while the heel strap is easily bendable and won’t cause friction to your foot. Improve your training Laguna Fin Co Swimming
  1. Reduces shoulder stress – Your shoulders take enough beating everyday. Let your legs reduce the stress you put on your shoulders by training with Laguna Fin Co.
  1. Improve body positionLaguna Fins float helping improve your horizontal body positioning. The natural buoyancy created by Laguna Fins keep your legs and feet towards the surface of the water.
  1. Maintain natural flow - Laguna Fin Co won’t disturb your natural cadence due to the short, stiff blade. This allows your feet a more natural and quick kick vs. long fins which make it difficult to replicate the race tempo you use while competing. 

 Laguna Fin Co Testimonials

IM Swimming with Olympian Kaitlin Sandeno Laguna Fin Co from Laguna Fin Co on Vimeo.

 Read this article on swimswam.com

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