8 Reasons to Buy Laguna Fins

8 Reasons to Buy Laguna Fins


  1. The Most Comfortable Fin On The Planet - Laguna Fin Co fins have a built-in neoprene foot pocket that maximizes comfort by molding perfectly to your feet leaving them as happy as you are after a workout. Say goodbye to cuts, cramps, and blisters caused by stiff rubber fins, start swimming with Laguna Fin Co.
  1. Adjustable heel strap – The adjustable heel strap fits perfectly to the size of each foot. This allows you to share fins easily, accommodate different size feet and growth spurts. Just tighten to your liking and get swimming!


  1. Allows ankle flexibility - Laguna Fins are open heeled, and are not restricted by rubber, allowing your ankles to move freely and maximize your full range of motion. This also helps to strengthen your ankles and calf muscles, to their full potential.                                    
  1. Olympian approved – Two-Time Olympian Kaitlin Sandeno is the official Laguna Fin Co. spokesperson and partner. "It is so exciting to introduce a fin to the aquatics world that is comfortable, adjustable, fitness orientated, great for the pool and ocean, and allows you to train all four strokes. I truly believe in our fin."
  1. Versatility – Train all 4 strokes including breaststroke. Watch 4x Olympic Medalist Kaitlin Sandeno swim breaststroke in the video below.

All 4 Competitive Swimming Strokes - Laguna Fin Co. from Laguna Fin Co on Vimeo.

  1. Ocean to Pool fins - Used by triathletes, open water swimmers, and competitive pool swimmers around the world. Laguna Fin Co is becoming everyone’s new favorite swimming fin from the pool to the ocean and back.
  1. Travel friendly – Designed as a travel companion, our fins are lightweight and compact only 1.3lbs in total. Don’t weigh yourself down with heavy fins. They also come in a small mesh bag to make travel and hang-drying easier. 
  1. Great for beginner to advanced swimmer – from swim schools to masters to top universities Laguna Fin Co is the new training fin of choice. Take care of your feet, happy feet make a happy swimmer.

Read this article on Swimswam News here!

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