A Cloudy Morning at Newport Harbor High School

A Cloudy Morning at Newport Harbor High School

One of our favorite swim sessions of 2018 was on a cloudy & overcast morning at the Newport Harbor High School pool. It was colder than normal and the clouds were thick, but that didn't keep us from getting in the water. We plunged beneath the surface and gazed up at the gorgeous reflection in awe, and immediately got to swimming. It was a magical swim filled with positive vibes and hard work. We realized that the clouds and overcast were a blessing in disguise, the photos turned out spectacular. Here's a little taste of what went down with the Laguna Fin Co Team: Kaitlin Sandeno, Bryan Mineo, & Lexie Kelly. 

  • Dolphin-Swim-Laguna-Fin-Co-Newport-Harbor
  • Backstroke Olympian Kaitlin Sandeno Laguna Fin Co Newport High
  • Bryan Mineo The Swim Mechanic Laguna Fin Co Freestyle Swimmer
  • Butterfly Swimmer Kaitlin Sandeno Laguna Fin Swimming
  • Lexie Kelly Swim Newport Harbor High Swimmer Coach Swimming Laguna Fin
  • Bryan Mineo Swim Mechanic Laguna Fin Freestyle Swimmer Trainer
  • Olympian Kaitlin Sandeno High Five Reflection Underwater Swim Laguna Fin
  • Freestyle Swimmer Kaitlin Sandeno Olympian Laguna Fin Swim
  • Lexie Kelly Swimming with Friends Bryan Mineo and Kaitlin Sandeno Laguna Fin Newport High
  • Kaitlin Sandeno Butterfly Swimmer Olympic Swimming Laguna Fin
  • Backstroke Swimming Olympian Kaitlin Sandeno Laguna Fin Swimming Newport
  • Bryan Mineo Lexie Kelly Kaitlin Sandeno Swimming Friends Fun Underwater Laguna Fin

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