"Ekahi Aloha" at Kua Bay

One of the best things about traveling is the people you meet along the way. Lucky for us, some of these people are our amazing customers. Before heading to Hawaii, one of our customers Dale "Ekahi" Michaels, reached out to us saying how much he's loving his new Laguna Fins and if we'd like to try some of his floating hand paddles. We told him we'd be on the Big Island later that month and we'd love to swim with him. After a couple flights and several emails later, we met with "Ekahi" at Kua Bay. He informed us, "Although my given name is Dale, I prefer 'Ekahi' ... it was given to me... It’s Hawaiian and means ONE as in We Are All One!" We jumped in the water and were instantly greeted by sea turtles as we swam through the crystal clear water at Kua Bay. His floating hand paddles served as a great tool for developing upper body strength and generating an effective pull for faster swimming, plus they helped us float along with our floating Laguna Fins when we stopped for a chat in the deep water. We are beyond thankful to "Ekahi" for taking us swimming and showing us the magical waters at Kua Bay. If you'd like to swim & compete at Kua Bay check out the Kukio Blue Water Swim at Kua Bay hosted by Ekahi. If you'd like to swim with us, let us know we'd love to! Just email Rudy@lagunafin.com

Ekahi Aloha Laguna Fin Hawaii Under Water

Ekahi Aloha Laguna Fin Hawaii Swimming

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